Sunday, May 31, 2015

626 Lake Sinisippi

My friend Dawn posts the most beautiful pictures of sky/seascapes of Lake Sinisippi on Facebook and gave me permission to paint them.  Each one is more beautiful than the previous.  Dawn is also an artist, and she should be painting these beautiful scenes herself (ahem!).

Here's what I've learned:  The more beautiful and colorful the scene is, the more difficult it is to paint, at least for ME!  I would much rather paint a grey day seascape than a total blue sky/blue water sort of painting.  As an example, my neighbor friend sent me such a beautiful untouched picture of an exquisite sea/skyscape, complete with subtle pinks, purples, corals and blue.  I felt I had to paint it and yet, I've struggled for 3 days and who knows how many pounds of paint to get it right, which isn't happening.  I photographed it and was ready to post, but that inner voice said "May as well have painted a clown.  Don't do it."   Lake Sinisippi trumps Pine Lake today.


  1. Beautiful! You captured the warmth and spirit of Lake Sinissippi beautifully!

    1. Dawn, the colors are all there the way you photographed them! I would love to have such beautiful views to wake up to each morning. Thank you for sharing your photo with me! I loved painting this!