Tuesday, May 5, 2015

605 Atlantic Ocean, March in Massachusetts

I am feeling a little more confident about using the oil paints and am understanding how they work, even enjoying the process, today starting a new large landscape with the oil paints.  I can't imagine how long this will take to be finished.

In other news, the Owl Patrol has discovered the Great Horned Owl family has moved to another clump of trees on my block to escape the crow attacks.  The owls are less visible, but hopefully we will be able to see and hear them from our house.

Last night I saw a You Tube video of a female GHO laying her egg.  It reminded me so much of my childbirth experiences.   There was another amazing You Tube video of the mother GHO feeding her 2 day and 4 day old owlet babies.  Check it out. 

"605 Atlantic Ocean, March in Massachusetts"
oil - 9x12 in

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