Thursday, May 21, 2015

619 Great Horned Owl Tribute

The owl family is still in the neighborhood, traveling from tree to tree.  The owls have grown quite a bit, and seem confident with their flying.  It reminds me of children once they get the rhythm of riding a two wheeler--there's no stopping them.  The crows sometimes indicate their location, but the owls seem to be fending for themselves.  It has been nearly impossible to get photos of them as they are too far away and the trees have filled in.  I still try, because I'll have a record of where and when.  Two nights ago, my neighbor and I could hear them very close to us and we were sneaking in back yards in the dark to try to figure out where.  Yes, we are owl junkies and no, we didn't get caught.

I hope you like this tribute,  done in watercolor with ink enhancement.  Mama (or Papa?) owl is sewn on to the page.  I particularly enjoyed hand lettering the words and painting them.  I am also working on a couple more pages in this style, one in particular of the willow tree.

"619 Great Horned Owl Tribute"
watercolor - 11x7.5 in

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