Tuesday, November 29, 2016

836. Sticking Together

Today is Giving Tuesday, and it couldn't be a more perfect day to have completed this painting for one of my favorite organizations, ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid).  ANERA states their request more eloquently than I could ever do:  "Today is #GivingTuesday. Your gift can bring warm clothes to a child living in a tent. Your gift can deliver vital medicine to families living in isolated #Palestinian villages. Your gift can give kids and teens access to basic education, so their dreams don't fade. Please #ShineYourLightand give today."   I assume these two darlings are sisters, and I hope I have communicated that resemblance.  Unfortunately, all they have is each other.  

Recently,  I had an open house/open studio to share my artwork, and front and center were my 10 paintings of portraits of refugee children in Palestine and Lebanon as a part what I am calling The Innocents Project.  People donated to the cause and, in addition,  I am donating a percentage of my sales of artwork to ANERA.  I know that the money will be well spent.  As an artist, I feel an obligation to express myself not only in "pretty paintings" but to communicate my passion for the good of these children, who are innocent victims.

I am so proud of this organization, ANERA.  97 percent of their money goes to satisfying their mission. They do great work.  Please consider a donation to the Innocents Project, my effort to raise awareness and money for ANERA, at www.ANERA.org today or any day.  Thank you for your consideration.

"836. Sticking Together"
acrylic - 12x12 in


Friday, November 25, 2016

835 Puppy Love

Shhh.....it's a Christmas gift.

"835 Puppy Love"
acrylic - 20x16 in


Sunday, November 13, 2016

839 Annabelle

Annabelle is a Springer Spaniel whose breeder gave her up to the Indiana Humane Society because she had an eye infection.  She was then sent to the Wisconsin Humane Society where they were better equipped to treat her disease, but unfortunately, her eye could not be saved.  Her new family fell in love with her at first site, and adopted her immediately.

When I arrived at Annabelle's home, she was so happy to meet me and couldn't get enough of my attention.  I loved being loved!  We played indoors and outside.  It was all good until I got my camera out, when Annabelle literally shunned me from then on.  She wouldn't look at me or come near me but I still managed to get a couple of nice shots of her including this one.  Her favorite spot in the yard is under a bush near the house, so this portrait setting is meaningful.  I visited her today to check for color accuracy and received a very warm welcome.    Isn't she beautiful?

"839 Annabelle"
acrylic - 14x11 in


Friday, November 4, 2016

833 Blessings

I learned a lot about pomegranates while trying to come up with a title for this painting.  There are many blessings associated with this exotic fruit, which is given as a gift in many cultures--- abundance, good luck, prosperity, ambition, happiness, but most frequently fertility (Ancient Persia, today's Iran, India, China, Armenia, Greece).  Not only is the pomegranate beautiful, it has many health benefits.   It is a popular ingredient in a lot of Middle Eastern recipes, although I don't recall my Mother cooking with its syrup or seeds.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

832 Bursting With Joy

The first time ever I saw a pomegranate growing on a tree was in 2008 in southern Lebanon in a small village called Marjeyoun.  I was "bursting with joy" that I was standing in the village where my ancestors originated.  It is a beautiful place and I felt a very strong connection there.  As a child, it was a real treat to have a fresh pomegranate, so being there stirred many emotions.

Very recently, I had a delightful visit with my contact at ANERA (American Near East Refugee Assistance).  I've written about all the good work they do in Lebanon and Palestine to make the lives of refugee families better.  She brought me a beautiful gift, a glass pomegranate from the Hebron Glass and Ceramics Factory.  "There once were 14 glass factories in Hebron.  Now there are only two due to problems of export, a decrease in tourism and restrictions on Palestinian movement."  The owner's family has been blowing glass for 700 years!  It is indeed a treasure for many reasons.

In other news, I finished the commissioned quilt!!  At approximately 106 x 124" it is the largest quilt I've ever made and the recipient is delighted!  She deserves most of the credit as she picked the fabrics and the design of the quilt, and all I did was execute it!