Wednesday, January 18, 2017

840 Feisty and Sweet

Another painting as part of my Innocent's Project...

This adorable little girl is a student at one of the 165 preschools that ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) has rebuilt/refurbished in the West Bank and Gaza.  ANERA has introduced new creative ways for 600 teachers to teach 30,000 children who attend schools in Palestine.  The new framework developed by ANERA, the Ministry of Education and others nationally and internationally concerned about education involves a creative approach to learning, just as we would see in most American preschools.  Instead of passively playing music in the background, children and teachers play a variety of instruments, incorporating dance, drama and art.  Play time is very important part of development for children in this age group, and so many social skills revolve around playtime.  At first the children didn't know what to do with the various games that were provided to them, therefore they mixed up all the playing pieces.  With time and effort, they learned to keep the games together and how to enjoy them.  We take things like this for granted.  These children live in horrific living conditions, but I am grateful to ANERA for providing them with education in a happy setting.

"ANERA’s ECD program is built on a comprehensive and holistic vision to provide the best learning environment for children in safe and colorful settings with child-appropriate learning materials and furnishings, sanitary facilities and playgrounds."  

You can read more about the wonderful work that ANERA does for refugees in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan here:   They also have Facebook and Instagram pages.

"840 Feisty and Sweet"
acrylic - 12x12 in

Thursday, January 12, 2017

840 The Law of Atrtaction

I am enjoying my online Flower Portrait class and here is my first full painting.  There may be some tweaking to do, but I enjoyed the very slow process of it.  The artist who is teaching the course strongly believes in The Law of Attraction and he applies the concept to our painting.   It makes all the sense in the world to me.

"840 The Law of Atrtaction"
oil - 12x16 in

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

839 Practice

With the new online course I am taking, I am making several adjustments--medium (from acrylic to oil), a new palette of paint colors, and a new technique.  There is always so much to learn in the process of identifying and perfecting one's "craft."

I spent a lot of time today and yesterday mixing colors and practicing the floral portrait.  Yellow is my nemesis color so I painted one of the yellow roses and a red rose for the first assignment.   I will try to find white roses or another multi petaled flower to paint for upcoming assignments.  I am enjoying this learning process after one of those "uh oh, what have I done?" moments yesterday.

"839 Practice"
oil - 8x6 in

oil - 8x6 in

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

838 Bloom Where You Are Planted

Happy New Year to all of you!

I received this amaryllis bulb at my Garden Club holiday gift exchange.   I was delighted to receive this bulb because of its unique growing technique---no dirt, no water, just put it somewhere where it will receive light.  Apparently, this is a new variety of amaryllis, and what could be easier?  It has produced four beautiful flowers on one stem and every day is a new visual experience. There is another stem which changes each day but it is now at the exact height of the blooms, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

I set out to paint the beautiful blooms, but didn't want to tackle the bulb, and I didn't think just the stems and flowers would be interesting, so I propped it up first behind this black and white vase, thinking I could paint it seemingly IN the vase, but that didn't please me.  I took a risk with the vase in the background, and despite input from my best critic, I like it.  One of my goals for the new year is to be more of a risk-taker and to not labor over my painting, which will definitely be a challenge.

I am REALLY stretching myself by taking another online class on painting  "The Floral Portrait." After spending several hours over two days reading materials and watching several videos just in preparation for the first class, I have that sinking feeling of "Oh,  what have I done?"  I will be painting with water soluble oil paints, which I am far from competent at, but in line with the above-mentioned goal, I know I will learn a lot.  I will keep you posted.

"838 Bloom Where You Are Planted"
acrylic - 12x9 in

Friday, December 30, 2016

837 Shining Light

The Campion home was filled with warmth and joy at Christmas and Chanukah.  We had a house full of family--many from a warm climate who loved the cold (go figure) and frolicking in the snow.  We were all bundled up to endure snowball fights, building forts, and the highlight-- snow tubing.  Food and drink were plentiful, and laughter filled the air.  Santa visited and left many gifts for the children after filling his belly with cookies and milk.  We are all so fortunate to have so many blessings.

Painting over the last few weeks was at a minimum, but I was too busy to make it a priority.  I was a little worried that the dreaded painter's block would slip in, but thankfully it didn't.  A giant antique door knob painting called out from the easel, and a beautiful amaryllis gift from a friend is blooming and stirring potential painting ideas.

But at this time yesterday and today, I felt compelled to paint another refugee child pictured on ANERA'S "#Shine Your Light" year-end fundraising campaign ( as part of The Innocents Project.  This little girl stole my heart with her big brown eyes and bowed lips.  This will make my 10th portrait in this series,  and I will continue painting until I have a body of work to display and raise awareness (and funds) for the refugee children in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) has a great track record for providing education, shoes, warm clothes, medical supplies, improved water systems, and whatever else is needed to give refugees some dignity and the tools needed to make a better future.  It is very cold in that part of the world, perhaps you didn't know that, and heat is not plentiful even in regular homes, let alone in tents and makeshift cement structures. Imagine sleeping in 40 degrees without heat!  I hope you will check out ANERA's web sight and their Facebook page.  Their focus is on providing better lives for the refugees, NOT politics, so I hope that will further encourage you to read about their good work and to consider a donation.

I would like to express my gratitude to you for following my work and for all your comments, suggestions and encouragement.  I am grateful for the two galleries who represent me, Edgewood Orchard Gallery in Door County, Wisconsin, and The Leigh Gallery in Chicago.  I wish you all good things for 2017--good health, happiness, a heart full of love, and whatever prosperity means to you.

"837 Shining Light"
acrylic - 12x12 in

I would like to expand the reach of my blog so please pass it on to someone who may enjoy it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hob Knobbing

Even though it has been only a little more than a week since I last posted a painting, it seems like so much longer.  These are indeed very busy days with the holidays rapidly approaching, but rest assured, I am still painting!

I recently held an open house/open studio which was very enjoyable and successful for me, despite all the hard work in preparation, as well as in followup.  I am very fortunate to have a large space in which to work in our home, and it normally appears as if a tornado went through, but for safety's sake, I had to clean things up a bit.  I always raise an eyebrow when I see photos of artists' studios in magazines that look more like living rooms, neat as a pin, so I felt a little dishonest by having it so neat and clean.  It didn't take long for it to get back to "normal."

The painting above, "Hob Knobbing" is a variation of an earlier painting, "Hob Nobbing It" which sold through one of the galleries that represent me.  I used the original "Hob Knobbing It" painting along with my first Daily Painting "So Happy to Meet You" on my Open House invitation.  A collector saw the painting and really liked it, so voila! another appeared on the easel and, at her request, with a red knob where a blue knob appeared in the original painting.  There are sure to be more doorknob paintings in my future, as I enjoy the detail and uniqueness of each one.  While painting, my mind wanders and imagines the stories those old door knobs could tell if only they could talk.

We are thrilled to have all of our family together for the first time this Christmas.  It will be such a joy to have Santa visit once again after many years, and to have the laughter of children fill our home.  If I don't post until after the Holidays, please know that I am enjoying my family, my first love.  I am still painting in preparation for the new year, but will be working on larger paintings, which therefore take more time to complete.  

I am so grateful for those of you who follow my work, who take the time to comment, offer encouragement, and to those of you who like my work enough to purchase it and display it in your homes.  I love what I do, and I hope you can see that passion in my "work."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

836. Sticking Together

Today is Giving Tuesday, and it couldn't be a more perfect day to have completed this painting for one of my favorite organizations, ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid).  ANERA states their request more eloquently than I could ever do:  "Today is #GivingTuesday. Your gift can bring warm clothes to a child living in a tent. Your gift can deliver vital medicine to families living in isolated #Palestinian villages. Your gift can give kids and teens access to basic education, so their dreams don't fade. Please #ShineYourLightand give today."   I assume these two darlings are sisters, and I hope I have communicated that resemblance.  Unfortunately, all they have is each other.  

Recently,  I had an open house/open studio to share my artwork, and front and center were my 10 paintings of portraits of refugee children in Palestine and Lebanon as a part what I am calling The Innocents Project.  People donated to the cause and, in addition,  I am donating a percentage of my sales of artwork to ANERA.  I know that the money will be well spent.  As an artist, I feel an obligation to express myself not only in "pretty paintings" but to communicate my passion for the good of these children, who are innocent victims.

I am so proud of this organization, ANERA.  97 percent of their money goes to satisfying their mission. They do great work.  Please consider a donation to the Innocents Project, my effort to raise awareness and money for ANERA, at today or any day.  Thank you for your consideration.

"836. Sticking Together"
acrylic - 12x12 in