Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jason Rohlf, Fortune Tellers

 I was very excited to see Jason Rohlf's exhibit, Fortune Tellers,  at the Judy A Saslow Gallery in Chicago.  I fell in love with his bird series a few years ago, and I appreciate the direction his style has since taken, the vibrancy of the colors and the intricacy of the patterns.  As a long-time quilter, I can't help but be drawn to the the geometry involved.   Even his "shop rags" are beautiful (third picture above).   I had hoped to meet Jason in person, but unfortunately weather in New York did not allow him to be present. 

While we were at the gallery, a large group of children, perhaps a school group (on a weekend?) and perhaps their parents were there too.  The kids were very inspired by Jason's work, and each seemed so proud to have their pictures taken in front of his paintings.  At one point, all the children were sitting on the floor with their heads down, eyes closed, and were told to imagine what THEIR gallery would look like and be called.  Paper and crayons were provided, and the children were given time to think for a few minutes, and then were instructed to draw.  Important messages were also delivered about the importance of doing well in school, etc.  The kids were an added bonus to our visit.

Congratulations to a Milwaukee artist who is a constant inspiration.

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