Friday, March 20, 2015

568 Plymouth Beach, Massachusetts

On Sunday, my friend took me to Plymouth Beach where I was so happy to see the grey sky and roaring sea.  I took hundreds of photos, catching every wave and frequent changes in the sky.  I even chased a few sea gulls off the cliff walk.    I have been influenced by artist, Roos (Rose) Shuring, who paints en plein air in the Netherlands, and am motivated to learn to paint the sky and sea in a new way.  Although she has inspired me, I am not willing to paint outside in the winter weather because  I hate the cold.  I have been visiting the Lake (Michigan) frequently since I have been home,  and realize there is not much difference between our Great Lake and the ocean.  I have always loved being near water, (hmmm, wonder if that's the Aquarius speaking) but learning through observation is very exciting to me.

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