Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Charming Stone House in Gated Community"

Painting took a back seat to another project this weekend. 

Our community is a Bird City, and my Garden Club was instrumental in obtaining that designation.  Each spring our community celebrates Green Day with basically a Love-Your-Mother-Earth celebration, including a weed-out, recycling of hazardous materials, and including many other fun and educational activities.  This year we will partner with our Civic Foundation with a fundraising silent auction of hand decorated birdhouses.  I have been working on my birdhouse all week long, have snipped the tip off of my middle finger and cut another.  I should not be allowed near sharp objects, in this case, garden snips.  Here is a photo of my birdhouse, "Charming Stone House in Gated Community."  I really enjoyed making it. 

p.s.  my biggest dilemma was how to treat the perch---decided a paintbrush would be perfect!

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