Sunday, November 22, 2015

727 Patiently Waiting

I am certain that my family will be mortified when they read this blog post. Quite some time ago, I was at Kinkos/Fed Ex and the line was quite long.  In front of me stood this lady, so patient and very beautiful, particularly her skin.  Because the line was moving slowly, I had quite a bit of time to debate with myself, "Should I or shouldn't I?"  I finally convinced myself that "What do I have to lose?"  So I explained to her that I am an artist, and although I did not currently paint portraits, I would someday like to, and she was a perfect candidate, so would she mind if I photographed her.  She was so flattered, yet embarrassed because she had just come from a work out and she thought she wasn't presentable.  I have kept the photo in my "someday" file, and am so happy to include it as one of my assignments for my portrait class. 

"727 Patiently Waiting"
acrylic - 10x8 in

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