Thursday, November 19, 2015

725 Lost and Found

Yesterday I found this old girl roaming around our neighborhood, looking for food.  No collar/tag.  She was frightened and looked so sad with those big milky eyes.  Bribing her with treats, she cautiously approached, then ran away again.  Luckily she went to a neighbor's yard with a gated section for their trash cans, so she was cornered.  Our local police came and took her to the station, and luckily she had a microchip, and later he called to say she was reunited with her family.

I should be working on painting people portraits today for my class, but I can't get this pooch out of my mind.  I started wondering if the same principles we are learning in our people portrait class would work with painting animals, and I was so pleasantly surprised.  I have painted many, many dog portraits, but never with this technique.  As instructed, there was no drawing, just painting with the paint, blocking in shapes and values.  Soon she emerged and I was pleasantly surprised.   I hope she is happy at home.

"725 Lost and Found"
acrylic - 6x6 in

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