Sunday, August 23, 2015

674 Sunset Path, Door County

A visit to Door County wouldn't be complete without a walk on the Sunset Path in Door County's Peninsula State Park.  It is so beautiful and calming and I love to observe how the light hits the trees and the path.  This week, my husband and I rode the 9.75 mile path on bikes, just as we did so many times with our children when they were young.  We stopped at all the old spots---near the Lake to skip stones, the lighthouse, the boat ramp, the camp grounds--- and reminisced about seeing deer in the woods, and how the kids pretended to be afraid at the entry to a steep slope with a warning sign "Parents, Watch Your Children!"  We stopped many times to take pictures, but I got brave and photographed many path scenes, including this one, while riding my bike.  yikes.

"674 Sunset Path, Door County"
oil - 6x8 in

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