Saturday, August 29, 2015

680 Underappreciated

Well.  This is the third little vase I purchased at Off the Wheel Pottery in Door County, made by artist Courtney Hancock, and by far the most difficult to paint with all those little leaves.  I hope I didn't get too "precious," the kiss of death for a painting.  I think it will be easier to paint on a larger format.  I am happy with the geranium after struggling with the color.  In case you are wondering about the title, geraniums are rarely my first choice flower for the garden because I don't think of them as being a glamorous choice, but I always end up delighted with them.  This one was a lucky find at Costco this spring and graces our patio with a giant splash of color that says,  "Welcome home!"

"680 Underappreciated"
acrylic - 8x6 in

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