Thursday, August 27, 2015

678 Door County Treasure

During our recent visit to Door County, I discovered a new gallery, Off the Wheel Pottery.  I visited it three days in a row because I had such a difficult time deciding what to buy, wanting a lot more than my budget would allow.  The gallery is owned by a very talented Renee' Schwaller, whose work is creative and unique from the typical pottery you see around town.  I purchased three little vases made by Renee's former intern, Courtney Hancock, in sgraffito style, which means "scratch" in Italian.  The colored slip (clay) is carved away to leave the design image.  My blue bowls were made by Jean Smaglik Wells, Milwaukee, also using this technique.  I couldn't be happier to find these little treasures.  You can expect to see this and the other two vases in many future paintings.  The nasturtium is from my garden.

"678 Door County Treasure"
acrylic - 8x6 in

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