Sunday, March 20, 2016

791 Nap Time

I felt like doing something a little different so I employed my favorite palette knives for this scene from Hollywood Beach, Florida on a cool Sunday afternoon.  The photo reference is very tranquil, much better than the painting.   Not every painting is a winner, I humbly admit.

BUT speaking of winners,  and to make up for the crappy painting, I am SO proud to share that my garden club won the People's Choice Award for their floral interpretation of Gerhard Richter's painting "Breath" at the Milwaukee Art Museum's Art in Bloom.  It is mostly florists and grocery store floral departments who participate in this spectacular event.  We may be the only club, and most definitely have the most limited budget.  Here is our entry.  I will share some of my other favorites below it. 

This next piece is one of my favorite paintings at the museum, "Betalo Nude" by Robert Henri, with such a soft and luscious color palette.  The Milwaukee Flower Company's Sally Vander Wyst and Courtney Stenberg created the floral masterpiece, which includes a handmade custom container for this gorgeous arrangement.  I was very disappointed that this creation did not win an award.  I think it should have.

This next piece won First Place in the judging and it was indeed spectacular.  The floral designer pieced three pieces of driftwood together for the base.  She had never seen Clara Driscoll's Tiffany lamp "Laburnum" in person, rather composing this arrangement from a photo.  Amazing.

This next painting is also a favorite of mine, "St Francis of Assisi in the Tomb" by Francisco de Zurbaran.  The floral artist assembled the piece at the museum using all dried materials except for the only living part, a few flowers.  The first photo is of the back of the arrangement, which was very interesting, I thought.  He won Third Place in the judging.

Second Place judges' award went to The Flower Source for their interpretation of Thomas Moran's "Three Mile Harbor, Long Island."  Our garden club often partners with The Flower Source, so it was nice to see them win this award for their interesting and beautiful interpretation.

Although there are so very many art pieces at the museum that I love, my consistent all time favorite piece at the Milwaukee Art Museum is "The Wood Gatherer" by Jules Bastien -Lepage.  I love everything about it!

If you have never visited the Milwaukee Art Museum, I hope you will someday.  It is a world class museum with a very rich collection and is located on the bank of the powerful and beautiful Lake Michigan as its backdrop.

If you would like to see more, you can visit the Museum's Art in Bloom page:

"791 Nap Time"
oil on canvas - 11x14 in

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