Sunday, May 28, 2017

859 Patton

One of the many things I love about being an artist is that I have so many opportunities for learning, not just about painting and art, but about everyday life, nature, history, etc.  For instance, this dog's name was Patton, and since my history knowledge is a little rusty, I thought I would try to learn a little about the World War II General George Patton.  I won't go into anything that I learned about General Patton, other than that he had a white bull terrier named Willie.

This portrait of Patton was commissioned by friends of two fire fighters who loved this dog so much, and initially had hoped Patton would be ferocious.  Instead, Patton was a sweetheart who was a friendly, gentle soul who loved to ride on their boat.  I am pleased to say that these folks named their dog, Patton, and Patton was female.

"859 Patton"
acrylic - 8x10 in

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