Sunday, November 13, 2016

839 Annabelle

Annabelle is a Springer Spaniel whose breeder gave her up to the Indiana Humane Society because she had an eye infection.  She was then sent to the Wisconsin Humane Society where they were better equipped to treat her disease, but unfortunately, her eye could not be saved.  Her new family fell in love with her at first site, and adopted her immediately.

When I arrived at Annabelle's home, she was so happy to meet me and couldn't get enough of my attention.  I loved being loved!  We played indoors and outside.  It was all good until I got my camera out, when Annabelle literally shunned me from then on.  She wouldn't look at me or come near me but I still managed to get a couple of nice shots of her including this one.  Her favorite spot in the yard is under a bush near the house, so this portrait setting is meaningful.  I visited her today to check for color accuracy and received a very warm welcome.    Isn't she beautiful?

"839 Annabelle"
acrylic - 14x11 in

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