Sunday, September 11, 2016

Red and White Hollyhocks

This summer has been one of experimentation with new media and techniques.  This painting is an oil painting, and it took so many tries and several months to get it to where I am happy and proud to post.  I have been considering that it may be time to give up the struggle with oil paints, but then I went to an art fair today.  I visited with a man whose portraits I admire, in fact I approached him several months ago to inquire if he gives classes (he does not).  So I introduced myself to him and we conversed.   He gave me some good tips.  He was mortified that I normally paint with acrylics.  He also hated the idea of me painting with water soluble oils.  After several minutes of conversation, he had a sale.  We agreed to be (Facebook) friends.   I guess I'll keep thinking on this.

"Red and White Hollyhocks"
oil - 24x12 in

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