Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Any Which Way

This painting is of a mid-century hand carved panel that I've been pretty crazy about for months.  I painted it once in bright colors-- "Atypical," which I'm pleased was rented to a cable television show's (Patriot) production and has since sold.

The reference for this painting is actually three panels, one large, a second medium and a third smaller.  I loved them all, and if you knew what I went through to get photos of them, you would think I'm crazy.  I prefer to use the word "determined."  I had to incorporate elements of each panel to make this work.  It took several tries.

I can't decide which orientation I like best, but I think it's nice that there are options.  Which do you like best?

"Any Which Way"
acrylic - 16x40 in



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