Saturday, September 3, 2016

821 Kronos

This is a commissioned gift for a special person, so if you know anyone who had a horse named Kronos, please don't mention this.  It is always a challenge to obtain a good photo for a surprise painting.  This one was a cell phone screen shot.  The horse is a Cammaroon pony.  With a very serious face, my husband  calls it a "Calamari" pony.  The painting conveniently qualifies for the Daily Paintworks Equine Challenge!

Despite the fact that I have not posted a lot of paintings lately,  I have been painting nearly every day and  have several rotating on my easel. Some are a little larger and/or are more challenging.  I have been working in acrylics, watercolor, and oil.  YIKES.  I will post them when I am satisfied they are "finished."  This summer  has been my time to experiment with new media and techniques.  Not everything is "post-able."

I have recently become reacquainted with an old friend, my Bernina sewing machine.  I gladly accepted a commission for another custom quilt,  and it has become increasingly clear that the Right Brain and Left Brain have very different functions and deserve respect for their individuality!   I have always known about this fact, but to experience it so vividly at this time has been eye-opening.  Quilting is a right brain function because of all the precision required in cutting of the fabric and sewing precise seams.  I experienced this the hard way yesterday when Right brain slipped in and I cut a pile of fabric the wrong size (too small).  With painting, my mind can wander, but with piecing quilts, there is no room for that.  Focus, focus, focus.  The Right brain can slip in for fabric choices and final arrangement of the squares, but Left better be on guard throughout.  With modern rotary cutting tools for fabric cutting, you can cut yards and yards of fabric in a very short period of time, so it better be right. 

I was a less serious painter before I was a quilter.   Quilting is a very obsessive craft/art.  There is something special about the tactile nature of it.  I loved it, still do, but when I started painting,  I realized the hard way that I could NOT do both in the same day.  I am going to really try to defy that this month while I work on this quilt.

I will post the photo of the finished quilt when it is....finished.

Enjoy this long weekend.

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