Thursday, July 7, 2016

807 Orchid Cactus

I've had several projects going at the same time in the last couple of weeks, and in one recent day,  I painted with three different mediums---oil, acrylic, and watercolor---hopping from project to project.

I am enjoying a renewed interest in watercolor.   Watercolor was my first love as far back as high school, then post-college, but I've set them aside for many years.  These are not the same watercolors as they used to be---they have so much more pigment, and are so vibrant!

I took the reference photo for this painting at the Lincoln Park Conservatory on the grounds of the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  I love going there in any season to see all the beautiful plant life.

"807 Orchid Cactus"
watercolor -

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