Sunday, June 12, 2016

Czech Republic "Very Cool" Juggling Pins

I saw these juggling pins, which are also called clubs at a salvage house in Chicago.  The title of the painting is exactly as the sign was written.  Each pin's cost is $85.  I thought they were very cool, aged and beat up by presumably many years of practice and entertainment.

As an artist and curious person, one fact I am constantly reminded of is that no matter what subject I paint, there is always so much to learn.  In this case, there are all sorts of different juggling clubs/pins.  I learned that juggling is much more popular and prevalent in Europe than in the United States.

I have fond memories of our local village's Fourth of July parade.  Present and popular every year was a team of two local jugglers, Heads Up Jugglers, comprised of beloved Ken Head and his juggling partner (I'm sorry I don't know his name) who entertained everyone each and every year.  Ken was a local "celebrity" whose real job was to be a real estate professional.  He and his wife worked together in their real estate business and their slogan was "Two Heads are better than one."  Sadly, this very active man died of ALS recently and I know he will be honored and missed every day, but especially each Fourth of July.

"Czech Republic Very Cool Juggling Pins"
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