Friday, June 10, 2016

803 I Deserve More

 From all outward appearances, this darling little girl looks normal, right?  She's clean,  her hair is combed and she is wearing a nice big smile on a sunny day (not that all of that makes "normal).  But her life is far from normal.  She is one of too many refugees living in makeshift camps devised from tents or old barracks in Lebanon and Palestine.  In the many photos I have seen of the camps, they appear to be cement walls with a tarp used as a "roof" to connect them.  It's very sad for me to think that this is how this little girl lives and it is the only way she knows to live.   Her family has to beg for clean water to cook, drink and bathe in a bucket.  

ANERA is working very hard to help these children who have faced war and displacement in their very short lives.  They have renovated schools, improved on water systems, and provide shelter, medical supplies, clean clothes, blankets, playgrounds and done everything within their power to make the lives of the displaced Syrians and Palestinians more comfortable and "normal."  

This painting is part of my series of refugee children that I am calling "The Innocents Project."  I am very committed to try to raise awareness of the horrific situations that the children face, with the hope that you will check out the good work that ANERA does (American Near East Refugee Assistance) and consider making a donation to help these children.   This project came about for me because I wasn't satisfied with just sending donations to this worthy cause.  I felt I needed to do more.  I sincerely hope you will go to ANERA's web site to see the reality that these people face and will make a donation. 

"803 I Deserve More"
acrylic - 12x12 in

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