Sunday, June 26, 2016

805 Inspired by Nature

As an artist, it is very worthwhile to take time off to "play" and try new things--new media, new techniques, subjects, etc.  This certainly has been a week where variety played a big part.

I  broke out the water-soluble oil paints and made a big mess.  I played around with alcohol inks and have dyed fingers I hope will come clean by the weekend.  Lastly, I hosted my Garden Club friends two days for rock painting, which was loads of fun.  I love encouraging others to discover how much fun being creative is!

The above painting was an experiment.  I photographed mushrooms in my front lawn and thought they were very interesting and pretty and, again, "had" to paint them.  A Canadian artist, Sandrine Pelissier, has been very inspiring to me to try new media and techniques.  There are so many different inks/paints/other products in this painting and while I am not sure they are all compatible, it was indeed a learning experience.

"805 Inspired by Nature"
mixed - 8x10 in

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