Tuesday, January 5, 2016

757 New Beginnings

My daughter brought me this lovely little bouquet on New Year's Day, when we baked Nana's Chocolate Italian Cookies together.  Like any other living, breathing artist, I knew it would be the subject of a painting.  During these cold, winter days, it has been a bright spot, as flowers make me happy.  It was also rewarding and joyful for me to use the new Italian palette knife my son gave me for Christmas.  I was much happier with the painting after a little scraping and smearing.

"957 New Beginnings"
acrylic - 8x6 in




  1. Gorgeous bouquet, gorgeous painting!
    Wish you a very happy and creative year, Diane!

  2. Massive Color and depth... as seen thru an incredible mature artists eyes. Such Beauty, Such JOY!