Saturday, January 9, 2016

761 All About the Eyes

Learning to paint portraits is an ongoing challenge.  Undoubtedly, the eyes are the favorite part of the painting for me, but often the placement is difficult.  It is so easy to mess things up by not having one eye positioned the same as the other.  The direction of the "look" is so easily changed by the position and the level of the lids, as well as the little glint.

The nose.  That's another story.  Noses are all so different and I find them the most challenging.  This little girl has a perfect nose with a perfect little triangle at the tip.  My version of her nose is not perfect. 

Since I have been painting portraits, when I meet someone, I find myself studying the face and the placement of the features.  I never paid much attention to those details before. But now they are important.  Nevertheless, I keep plugging away.  I am running out of photos of people showing no teeth, which look  like chicklets in a painting. 
"761 All About the Eyes"
acrylic - 4x4 in

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