Tuesday, January 26, 2016

771 Twisted

This is another scene from Tanzania of an acacia tree, photo taken by my friends, Ann and Steve.  I am very drawn to these beautiful trees in photos and paintings, but am not sure I have ever seen one in person, although I learned through research that some varieties grow in the United States in South Carolina, Arizona and Hawaii. I particularly like the Umbrella Acacia shown in this painting because of its graceful trunk and the shape of its foliage, sometimes called the thorn tree acacia.

As I was reading about the Acacia, I learned that gum arabic is derived from this tree, and I have used it as an adhesive and an additive to ink for calligraphy purposes.  It is also a common ingredient in some beverages (Fresca, RC Cola, Root Beer) and in Altoid mints,  gum and M&M pretzels, as well as in perfume.  The wood is used for hardwood floors and furniture.

As you can probably see, I enjoy learning from painting different subjects.   I learn something new from each new painting, in this case, not only about the Acacia tree, but another lesson in painting with oil paints. 

"771 Twisted"
oil - 18x24 in



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