Thursday, July 31, 2014

423 Only Room For Two

I was on vacation for the last week and had a wonderful time despite only painting two feather watercolors.  One of the many highlights of my trip was a visit to Daily Paintworks' sweetheart and fellow-DPW artist, Lisa Daria (Kennedy).  She and pooch Brie were wonderful hosts, and it was so much fun to meet her in person and to see where all her beautiful works originate.  Lisa had completed 1889 paintings on consecutive days as of our visit, never missing a single day!!  I am now posting my 423rd painting,  "423 Only Room For Two." 
It was fun to see the flower arrangement Lisa has painted for the last several days and how she transforms an ordinary vase of ordinary flowers into something masterful.

Lisa was very helpful to me when I initially joined DPW, and continues to generously share her knowledge and suggestions.  Her progression from her first painting to her present body of work has been very encouraging and motivating for me to keep plugging away, learning something new every day.

Here is a link to Lisa's 1889th painting, which she named "1889 Visitors":

The lovely frame shown above is available for a ridiculously low price, so contact me if you are interested.

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