Tuesday, July 22, 2014

419 Nectarines (revised)

I was not happy with yesterday's painting, so here is the revised painting, which I completed today and am much happier with.  Whatever possessed me to begin a new painting at 10:30 last night is beyond me, but that's what I did.  When the clock chimed midnight, I was worried that the posts would be too late.

We had some "visitors" on our patio yesterday, which caused a little self-imposed drama, and of course, drama takes up precious time.  Oliver and I were outside and he went to the corner of the patio and growled.  When I heard growling back, it took a second to register that it wasn't an echo.  Two baby raccoon pups were snuggled together taking a little nap.  I wish I hadn't been such a fraidy-cat because I'm told they were so cute and the scene would have made a great daily painting.  A helpful officer (yes, I called) tried to nudge them away, but they weren't too happy having their naps disturbed, so they went down into the window well.  Mama must have come for them late last night, thankfully,  and needless to say, we are making it less welcoming for them to snooze on our patio. 


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