Wednesday, August 17, 2016

815 Somewhere in Ireland

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer so far.  I have been very busy with different "rounds" of company, and yes, I am still painting almost every day, except on company days.  I have a number of paintings in progress, and am using this summer to experiment with new ideas.

There is so much to say about this painting.

My niece/goddaughter recently visited Ireland and sent me a few photos.  This and another were her two favorite scenes, and beautifully photographed, however, Ireland is...... g r e e n.  Lots of different shades of G R E E N.  Any good artist knows there are many, many ways to make various greens without using green out of the tube, but still, it seemed sort of (I hate to say it) monotonous to have SO much green in a painting, SO I tried to add some variation with blues, and purples and yellow.  Please note, this is not my usual style of painting, nor my preferred medium.  This canvas was toned with bright colors ( to add a little punch)  contrasting with the end result, as opposed to being toned with black gesso (my favorite) and was painted with oil paints, which admittedly I am not comfortable with, but am giving it the old college try.

To show how committed I am to learning, prior to this I painted this landscape in watercolors....a real bomb.  I won't even show you that one.  yikes.

So...I will continue to work on this particular landscape by painting it in my most comfortable style next.

I am much happier with the painting of my niece's second favorite landscape, which I will post another time.  I wonder which she will like.

"815 Somewhere in Ireland"
oil - 12x16 in

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