Thursday, August 11, 2016

814 White Phalaenopsis (Orchid)

One of my very favorite places on the planet is the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which is on the same grounds as the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.  Both have free admission, so it makes it very easy to visit.  The Conservatory is a beautiful glass dome building and has three "houses" for different types of plants.  There is a Palm House, a Fern Room and an Orchid House, my favorite.  I took the photo reference for this painting there.   Although it is probably the most popular and certainly most familiar of all orchids,  it is one of my favorites.  I particularly love the white ones which are so elegant and last a very long time.  I have painted them many times with acrylic paints, but this is the first with watercolor.  Painting "white" is tricky as there are many colors to "white."  I hope you like it.

"814 White Phalaenopsis (Orchid)"
watercolor - 8x10 in

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