Saturday, June 13, 2015

635 The Mighty Oak in Spring

The oak tree is full of Spring green leaves now, but it is so big that you can stand under its canopy and still see its beautiful structure.  I enjoyed painting it with leaves, an unexpected surprise.

"635 The Mighty Oak in Spring"
acrylic - 8x6 in 

Today I went to the Old Towne Art Fair in Chicago and saw some really nice art.  Two of my fellow artists, Ken Reif and Judity Gahn Murphy also represented by The Leigh Gallery were there and it was fun to chat with them.

I was also thrilled to meet Brian Burt, a fellow Daily Paintworks artist whose work I instantly recognized.  He uses "classical techniques with contemporary subjects."  As an example, you want to take a giant bite of his jelly donut because it looks so real.  His paintings have just the right amount of whimsy coupled with perfect realism.  Amazing.  I've always admired his work and it was a joy to meet him today.

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