Tuesday, June 9, 2015

632 Sunshine Farm

I have been painting up a storm, finishing up several larger paintings, but flopping on the smaller daily paintings (sigh).  I have been working diligently on seascapes, but those mostly-blue scenes have me baffled, and if you add a sailboat to the picture...well, I have lots of bonfire material.  I am sure there are lots of studies about the correlation between good paintings and the knowledge/experience the artist has with the subject and in the case of sailboats, I have zilch.  I have been studying the relationship between sky/sea/boat, but it is clear to me I will have to spend more time at the harbor.

This is a scene from Algoma, Wisconsin, on the return from Door County last Fall.  This was an "I brake for farms" moment.  It was such a beautiful scene, and oh!  that turquoise barn!

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