Friday, September 5, 2014

Plein Air Painting in Door County, Day 2 The Sheep Farm

On Wednesday, we visited The Whitefish Bay (sheep) Farm in Door County, where we were welcomed with open arms.  The grounds were beautiful and included a bed and breakfast,  a fruitful garden and a gallery with beautiful pottery, woven goods, and homespun yarn, and of course lots of sheep.  The sheep had their little jackets on because they had been sheared, and to keep them clean and unbleached by the sun.  The sheep are very interesting animals, herders, and very skittish.  I asked the owner if they are smart animals and she said, "They are as smart as they need to be at any given time."  I parked myself very near the fence and at times, would catch one or two of them  staring at me.  The minute I got my camera poised, they were gone.  Each one had its own personality, and very different look.

Here is my painting of Bobbin, and a photo of her.  I have never painted sheep before, but this won't be the last.

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