Friday, September 12, 2014

453 Gems in a Morning Glory Bowl

A few years ago, I got good advice which I have tried to heed with each and every painting:  What are you trying to say?  Don't just paint a pretty picture, make it mean something.  The message may not always seem obvious, but I assure you, there is something I am trying to communicate.
What, you might ask, am I trying to communicate with all these blue and white bowls filled with fruit or vegetables?

Yesterday, I received a comment from Carol A. Ball, another Daily Paintworks artist, regarding my painting "451 Better Than Candy," which is similar to this one.  She wrote, "What a lovely painting.  It just makes me happy and reminds me of home and food and cooking and family.  Good work."
BINGO!!  That is exactly what I want to communicate.   I couldn't wait to paint today.

Here is a link to Carol's Daily Paintworks gallery:

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