Tuesday, November 7, 2017

876 View From the Courtyard

There is a term in Japanese culture, "Wabi Sabi" which refers to finding beauty in the aged and the imperfect.  Here is a very nice article, The Art of Imperfection by Robyn Griggs Lawrence, that I think you might enjoy.  https://www.utne.com/mind-and-body/wabi-sabi

I love this concept and honor it.  I love to paint aged subjects--rusty old cars, weathered barns, old door nobs,  peeling paint.  This painting shows a scene from Venice, where my husband and I recently vacationed.  We had lunch in a lovely little courtyard and this was my view. Italy was "Wabi Sabi" heaven with all it's weathered buildings, imperfect walkways, monuments and historical sights.

"876 View From the Courtyard"
acrylic - 12x12 in


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  1. I love your work Diane. This painting is particularly sweet. Thanks for always sharing. (met you via District Garden Club meeting a couple years ago and took your origami workshop)