Thursday, September 28, 2017

870 Weary

This is my 18th painting for The Innocents Project, my effort to raise awareness and funds for the Syrian and Palestinian refugees who are served by a non-profit, non-political American organization called ANERA, American Near East Refugee Aid, located in Washington DC.  ANERA provides whatever is necessary to serve the refugees---education, supplies, food, clean water systems, etc.

In April, violence erupted in the Ein El Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon, and hundreds of families were displaced.  In August, fighting in the camp intensified and 47 families were displaced.  Six refugees were killed and 15 wounded.  ANERA provided hygiene kits, baby supplies and quilts, and distributed medical supplies to a local hospital.  The folks at ANERA are angels.

In recent weeks, we have seen massive destruction caused by hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  The conditions in which so many people are surviving are deplorable, and surely, they will be affected for a very long time by these disasters.  

There are a lot of similarities in living conditions for the Syrian and Palestinian refugees, but their problems have existed for many, many years, and are a result of man-made complications rather than Mother Nature's wrath.  Lack of electricity, food, clothing, heat, water, education, are shared experiences with the hurricane victims, but the one difference is that that is the "normal" in their world.  

"870 Weary"
acrylic - 12x12 in

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