Monday, March 27, 2017

849 Hospitality and Kindness

 I rarely know the names of the refugee children I paint, but here is a little information as ANERA describes him.  "Hossam, 16 is from Homs in Syria.  Nearly 6 years ago, he and his family fled the war and found safety in Halba, Northern Lebanon.  They left everything behind.  Hossam still remembers his school days when he was happy and safe, playing football on the streets of Homs with friends.  Now he says he faces a lot of bullying when playing with kids from Halba.  'Kids run after me saying, You are Syrian.  Go back home!'  But I defend myself saying 'We are all humans and once we go back home, you can all come visit and I will welcome you with hospitality and kindness.' "

Hossam's portrait is part of my "Innocents Project."  ANERA, American Near East Refugee Assistance, a non-political organization in Washington D.C.  helps families like Hossam's by providing shelter, food, clothing, safe water, distribution of donated Tom's shoes, medical supplies, and much, much more.  Please consider making a donation to in honor of someone special, or just because.

P.S.  Perhaps you have noticed that just about every child in my portraits has dark circles under their eyes.  I do not exaggerate the circles, but feel like I must include them.  The children often sleep on cement flooring with a blanket cushion in one "room" of the refugee camp containing their entire family.  No wonder.

"849 Hospitality and Kindness"
acrylic - 12x12 in

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