Monday, October 3, 2016

826 Russian Olive

I saw this tree in a garden tour of a beautiful property overlooking Lake Michigan, and was attracted to its graceful limbs and soft whispy leaves.  Little did I know until recently when I asked the question, it is an old Russion Olive tree, Eleagnus angustifolia.  It is difficult to find in nurseries because in some states it is considered a "noxious weed," and therefore cannot cross state lines.

I love learning new things during the process of painting.  In addition to learning about this lovely tree, I continued to learn about the color green.  I did not use any green paint in this painting, rather mixed a variety of greens from different blues and yellows.  It was lots of fun and amazing to learn how many combinations there are!

"826 Russian Olive"
acrylic - 15.75x20 in

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