Tuesday, January 27, 2015

536 Meyer Lemons

The other day, I was at our local grocery store, and as usual, I spent a lot of time in the produce department.  I must have looked suspicious, because as I was slowly and carefully looking for the perfect vegetables/fruit, the produce manager approached me:
She asked,  "Can I HELP you?"
I replied, "No, but thank you."
She, "Did you have any questions?"
My reply, "Nope."

I have never tasted a Meyer lemon, but I was curious about them, so I bought a package.  I learned from an internet site that they are thought to be a cross between either a Eureka or Lisbon lemon and a mandarin orange, and they take on a sightly yellow-orange color.  The skin seems to be much thinner than a common lemon or orange.  They are supposedly sweeter than a lemon, and often used to make lemon pies.  My mother used to make a highly coveted lemon meringue pie.  I wonder if she used Meyer Lemons. Sadly all of her recipes are gone.

p.s.  The blue in this bowl is not screaming as it appears in this picture.

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