Sunday, August 31, 2014

447 Welcome

Two interesting things happened yesterday.  Okay, not all that interesting.  My paints and gear are all packed away for a plein air painting trip and fortunately I found this half finished painting.  I began painting it at my dearest friend's kitchen table during a recent visit to the Boston area.  She is always so thoughtful, welcoming me with flowers and a loving heart (and lots of tolerance).  So #1 good fortune is that I have something to finish and post today.

Since I didn't have sunflowers and statice readily available as references, I Googled "sunflowers and statice."  As I scrolled through many beautiful photographs of these flowers, I ran across one of my paintings, 154 Mixed Bouquet,  It was such a surprise that I didn't know what to think, but I was happy that there was a link to my painting readily available and credit given. 

Not sure what all that means, other than "small gifts" that make a person happy. 

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