Monday, December 2, 2013

226 Take Me Back

This may just look like a row of pine trees to you, but to me it represents so much more, a feeling of solitude, of appreciation for the past and my ancestors, and awe for the sheer beauty and expanse of this beautiful place that is in southern Lebanon, the village of Marjeyoun.  I first saw this very long row of trees while visiting in 2008, and was so captivated by them.  I tried so hard to paint them several times, but no matter what I did, I was never happy with the painting.  Again in 2011, I visited and learned, to my surprise, that this row of trees was planted by my family so that they could readily have pine nuts.  With this simplified style of painting I am experimenting with, I thought it might work, especially in a smaller format.  I am pleased I could paint this scene and still have that special feeling inside of me as I recall this most spectacularly beautiful place.

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