Thursday, May 12, 2022

1155 The Mist of Reminiscence

 With Mother's Day in the recent past, I was remembering all the strong women who mothered me through the years.  In addition to my own mother and mother-in-law, there were many, and so on Mother's Day and in the following days, my heart honored them all.  I was grateful to have my kids with me on Sunday to help with some gardening chores and to celebrate.  I am indeed fortunate to have such a loving family.

The troublesome painting that obsessed me has been turned face down in a corner so I cannot see it.  I spent so much time---three full days---fretting, applying paint, removing paint over and over again, yet have nothing of pride to show for it.  Lately, I have trouble with abstract shapes and forms.  Nothing feels right.  As a representational artist for so many years, I am very used to painting what I see, so painting something I don't see is extremely difficult.  I must loosen up and be free with my large gestures.  To move forward, I started 3 new paintings including this one, and am hoping I can gather some inspiration.  My favorite artist has a free "taster" 8 day class beginning on May 20, so I know I will learn a lot and will be swimming in inspiration and ideas.  Can't wait.  

I hope you are well and enjoying nice weather.  It was in the 80's today.

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