Saturday, May 15, 2021

1045 Dynamo

 I love all types of flowers in all colors, but this color geranium has captivated me since I saw it in Florida this past winter.  I promised myself I would hunt it down at home and I found it at my favorite garden center here in Chicago.  I haven't purchased geraniums for several years, so this is a return to past years' garden.  The bright color of the flower was hard to achieve.

Monday, May 10, 2021

1044 The Cedar of Lebanon

 In 2011, my daughter and I visited Lebanon, our second of three trips there together.  Most memorable and meaningful that trip were visits to the Cedar Forest and the home of Lebanese poet and philosopher, Kahlil Gibran.  The cedar forest was so unbelievably tranquil and beautiful.  This tree that I painted is the original tree that was chosen for the flag of Lebanon, but in its 2011 condition with many branches missing.  It seems significant to me that this tree which represents Lebanon, has lost so many limbs, just as the country has experienced so much turmoil and pain.  Yet, a new generation is there to carry on, just as the young cedars in the forest.

In case you are interested, the current flag of Lebanon with two red horizontal stripes, top and bottom, with a middle center of white with the green cedar was created in 1943 when Lebanon became liberated from France.  The larger white stripe signifies peace and unity, while the red represents all the bloodshed Lebanon has experienced fighting off invaders.  The cedar tree is common in Lebanon and signifies eternity, holiness, peace and longevity.  There are 77 references to the Cedars of Lebanon in the bible.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

1043 Look the Other Way

 Still working with these daffodils.  And loving the whole process.
The painting is on Bristol paper, and varnished, so no glass is needed.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

1042 Simplicity

 With new daffodils blooming in my yard, I have instant still life material.  I am working on minimizing the strokes in my painting to create freshness.  It's much harder than it looks, and this took a very long time (with a couple throw aways).   Look for a few more daffodil paintings, provided they last in my garden.

I've painted this on gessoed Bristol, which is a heavy paper.  I am told by those in the know that when varnished, no glass is needed.  If it were to be matted, that would require glass for the frame.  I really love floater frames because the painting is inserted from the front, rather than from the back of the frame, therefore allowing every bit of the painting to show.  

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

1041 Tete-`a- Tete

 This was a fun little painting to make, mostly from my recollection.  The tete-a tete daffodils grow two or three flowers per stem, and are only about 6 -8" tall.  One of my neighbors had a clump of these sweet little daffodils in an unlikely place--along the curb at the base of a tree and not very visible.  I couldn't cut them for a still life, so I just added them in my imagination to my tea cup.  

In case you are wondering, the phrase tete-a-tete as a noun means "a private conversation between two people:"  as a verb, "a private conversation between two people," ("a tete-a-tete meal"): and as an adverb "between two people in private"  ("his business was conducted tête-à-tête").

Monday, May 3, 2021

1040 Unconditional Love

 Tulips are such a happy flower and there is much to learn about them.  Did you know the petals are edible and can be exchanged for onions?  Did you know they did not originally come from the Netherlands, rather from Persia and Turkey.  Did you know that the name tulip is derived from the Persion "turban?" They also have many lovely meanings:  Rebirth (because they are one of the first flowers to come alive after a long winter), Charity (and many charitable organizations use the tulip for their logo), and Unconditional or Deep Love.   I wish tulips lasted longer because they bring so much cheer.